Nina Rapi Wild Beats  Riverside Studios London

WILD BEATS at the 3rd Festival of Contemporary Greek Theatre, Riverside Studios, London, March 2013

WILD BEATS by Nina Rapi will be performed at the 3rd Festival of Contemporary Greek Theatre. This is Theatre Lab Company’s third festival of Greek theatre following their last very successful play reading festival at Soho Theatre in 2009. The company presents six new monologues  and a short novel by some of Greece’s most inspiring contemporary writers. The plays will be presented in English.

Venue: Riverside Studios (Studio 3), Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL
Dates/Time:  9 March, 16.00/ 16 March, 17.00
Tickets: £5 per play/£10 per day
Box Office: 020 8237 1111
Press Night: Sunday 9 and 16 March
Running Time: Each play is approximately 45min. long.
Age Suitability: 12 +

WILD BEATS by Nina Rapi
Sunday 9th March at 17:00

Directed by Tom Crowley, performed by Ryan Lane
A sculptor, a guard, and an understudy in a strange prison – who is the captive and who the captor?

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