STAY STILL SO YOU DON’T HURT (the sick body and its shadow) a short film by Nina Rapi

Nina Rapi, com.odd.or, Maria Voumvaki, Lida Doumouliaka


ΤΟ ΣΩΜΑ ΑΓΑΠΗ ΜΟΥ, ΤΟ ΣΩΜΑ (2019), a multimedia performance  (extracts) –

Nina Rapi, com.odd.or, Lida Doumouliaka, Nick Sidiropoulos



ANGELSTATE (2019) in Italian Anthology, trailer

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

Il 18 giugno a Napoli Teatro Festival Italia al Made in Cloister. Noi ci siamo!

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RAVEN REVISITED (2018), opera libretto, trailer


SPLINTERS (2017-2018), trailer with interviews


SPLINTERS (2017-2018), trailer


WILD BEATS (2014), teaser 1


WILD BEATS (2015), teaser 2


EDGEWISE (2010), edited extracts from the play